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What’s in a Build Kit® (and why you need one)

Many of us at Think Company spent the early part of our careers honing our craft as part of “creative” departments inside large IT professional services companies.

Through this experience we learned how to effectively work alongside software developers – how to speak their language and how to generate the deliverables they would need to build a product that meets design specifications. After all, what’s the use in coming up with a great design and then “throwing it over the wall” where it can’t be implemented as envisioned? That won’t happen when you work with us. With Think Company, you’ll get a Build Kit. Typically comprised of detailed functional requirements documentation, annotated wireframes and mockups, UI style guides, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript templates (web standards compliant and exhaustively cross-browser and platform tested, of course) – your Build Kit will fill in all the blanks and leave no important detail open for interpretation. Whether you’ve got an internal development team or if we’re doing the development for you, your Build Kit will facilitate the seamless integration of designers and developers who will work together collaboratively to see your product through to completion.

“Their scope involves design, helping us ideate, and presenting our vision in a concrete way. They’ve also been involved in strategic client conversations for feature implementations, which were specifically requested by our partners. Think Company have been invaluable in those conversations. They are the ones who actually ask the questions and make an effort to understand how clients’ businesses are run.”


“We needed a top-caliber agency that could work at a very high level of perfection. Our biggest requirement, besides having deep experience, was for an agency that could handle complex projects that could drown anyone else. The agency would need to take a massive amount of information, move it quickly, distill it into patterns, and present it in layman’s terms, very much like a journalist’s or forensic accountant’s process. Also, we needed a firm with a culture that matched ours: no big egos and service-oriented; a small town feel with a big city mind. A combination of all these characteristics is difficult to find. Think Company offered us elite service, but without the usual superior attitude that comes with that. They’re wonderful people.”


“Working with Think Company to redesign our intranet has been nothing short of a great partnership. The team’s professionalism and acute focus on quality comes through in every interaction. Not only do they design with the end user in mind, but they also bring key development principles to the table, ensuring that the designs account for industry leading practices. One example includes their accessibility expertise and ensuring that our website is not only user friendly and visually pleasing, but that it is usable by our employees with accessibility needs.”