Great design starts with great thinkers.

Our Story

Think Company was founded on the idea that great customer/employee experiences and software products start with careful research and evidence-based design. Our experience proves that products and services built on this solid foundation will delight users and drive business success. We’re an energetic, growing company equipped to help you tackle just about any design challenge.
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Est. 2007

12 Years

Our Purpose

To envision, design, and create experiences that enhance people’s lives.

Our Team

We don’t talk or act like typical consultants. No pretense here and we’re proud of it. Meet some of our talented team that makes it happen.

Our Studios

Our two studios are the heart of our company, where the air pulses with energy, ideas and obscure pop-culture references. Make yourself at home.


Think Company Philadelphia photo

Our flagship location, in the heart of Center City.

Occupying the entire second floor of the historic Philadelphia Building, this impressive and newly-redesigned space is a bustling hub where our city-dwelling team comes together to ideate, plan, and execute.

With wall-length, sunny windows overlooking Walnut, Juniper, and Sansom streets, plenty of gathering spaces big and small, and open walls for sketching, this studio instantly feels like home for everyone who knows and works with us. It’s conveniently located just a stone’s throw from City Hall, easily accessible from all forms of transit, and allows us to keep our finger firmly on the pulse of Philly—a city that’s always been in our blood.

1315 Walnut Street
Suite 201
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Think Company Conshohocken photo

Our cozy suburban outpost.

Our first and original studio space is a beautiful, historic building with loft-style workspaces, tons of natural light, and white boards galore. Somewhat of a retreat from the velocity of the city, our Conshohocken studio is the kind of place where the idea of an all-day meeting is never daunting.

Our "Conshy" Think Space was designed to feel like a home away from home—where your team and ours come together to sketch, listen, question, debate, ideate, laugh, and design. Located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, clients tend to see Conshy as a great getaway and a place to regroup and strategize.

201 Fayette Street
Second and Third Floors
Conshohocken, PA 19428
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Ready for your first Think Session?

Frank Zappa once said: “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

That’s what our Think Sessions are all about. During a Think Session, you step out of your everyday. We ask you questions that get you thinking differently. We introduce examples that get you excited about new possibilities. We sketch together. We capture everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Then we synthesize everything into a new vision. Yeah, it’s kinda magical.

Much more than brainstorming, a Think Session is an informed, creative discussion. No matter how old the problem or how new the opportunity, our approach will crack open the conversation, revealing weaknesses and gems previously underexplored. It’s the heart of what we do and a great way to get to know us. Why not come in and give a Think Session a whirl?

“I have nothing but positive feedback regarding Think Company. I appreciate Think Company even more because we can be a tough client. We run a critical project and have never had a problem in sharing this with them. They’ve been extremely resilient, responsible, and flexible. I’m sure that many other firms work in the same way, but Think Company has been put on the ropes many times, and they’ve always come through. They take our feedback very seriously and have always felt more like a partner than a vendor.”


“I was struck with how the team were willing to stick their necks out to make the right decisions when it would have been safer to keep quiet. As they say, there are ‘owners’ and ‘renters’. Think Company people are owners. It’s more like a partnership.”


“I want to take a quick moment to sincerely thank the team—not just for the great work, attitude and effort you guys brought to our office everyday, but also for bravely and diligently stepping into a messy situation when our team (and me, most definitely) really needed some top notch help. You guys are real pros. It’s been a pleasure getting to work with you. I hope this gets logged as the ‘first’ time we got to work together and that we have reason to again down the road.”