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Enhancing the talent acquisition experience with rapid concept realization & design validation

UX designer whiteboarding solutions for a talent resource management client


After building a brand new Design System to support Thrive's growing suite of products and services, Think Company worked with Thrive to create a clickable application prototype that explores rethinking the job acquisition experience for executives.

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Professional Services & Talent Acquisition

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Under $10M

Rapid concept realization: From ideation to prototype development

Based on ideas from Thrive’s internal team and growing industry trends, the proposed new product needed to balance evolving business needs with user behaviors. Think Company created rough sketches to high-fidelity mockups in a matter of weeks, and the Thrive team presented a working model of their ideas to internal stakeholders and customers.

Validating designs with a user-focused approach

Our next step was testing our designs by soliciting feedback through human-centered design validation sessions. Participants attempted to accomplish various tasks in the prototype. We tested features like chat communication between candidates and recruiters, application status updates, and compensation analysis. Not only did this feedback help us refine these features, but it also uncovered a candidate’s desire for more employer information to make more informed decisions.

Developing a fast, iterative job search experience

When Thrive initially partnered with Think Company to build a new design system, they were also building a powerful tool for realizing new ideas. Utilizing this new design system, Think Company built Thrive a fully-functioning prototype with tested concepts, while developing loyalty through customer engagement and collecting valuable first-party data. Now, when Thrive integrates new features into an existing or new product, their team has reference designs and code that are already usable, accessible, and visually consistent with their suite of products.


Bring your product to life with rapid concept realization

Let us help you build high-fidelity mockups and clickable prototypes so you can ensure you’re building the right thing—the first time.

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