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Recovery Centers of America

Transforming patient intake to instill peace from the start

Patient input form and journey map for rehabilitation center


Recovery Centers of America (RCA) is a national leader in substance abuse and mental health treatment with beds available 24/7/365. Known for its cutting-edge science and medicine-based approach to recovery, it was critical that they leverage thoughtful technology to transform the intake process. RCA needed an advanced and seamless process to match the best-in-class service they’re known for, so they turned to Think Company.

Improving inefficient systems for smoother patient intake

Think Company worked directly with RCA’s CTO to determine what intake process would match the reputation of the modern rehab facility, so patients felt more at ease when they entered, even despite the emotions they were experiencing. Think helped identify the parts of the current process that were inefficient and time-consuming and how they could be more efficient and effective.

Assessing deeded changes for employees and patients

To improve the intake process, Think Company considered the experience from every perspective, focusing on patients and employees. Key initiatives included analyzing RCA’s content strategy, a call center audit, a click-test analysis for accessibility, and a Heuristic Audit to determine opportunities for improvement.

Turning assessments into action: The results

Think Company then developed a sprint plan around critical features and a backlog strategy for future engagements, collaborating closely with RCA’s development team to ensure feasibility. Structured sprints enabled rapid prototyping, usability testing, and iterative design so that every feature heading into development was user-validated.

Think Company delivered designs, documentation, process, and operations improvements that let the RCA team continue executing product enhancements and measuring impact. 

  • Technology Discovery Documentation 
  • Qualitative, Quantitative, Heuristic Analysis Reports 
  • Salesforce performance Proof-of-Concept 
  • High-fidelity prototypes in Figma 
  • Design system style guide in Figma 
  • Continuous Improvement Plan (Short and Long-term KPI measurements)


Are you ready to improve your digital applications and provide your customers with the experience they deserve?

Patient user flows to improve user experience
Patient input portal and journey map for a rehabilitation center
Research phase for modernizing patient intake software
Customer profile and patient intake screen

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