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Successfully Champion Your Work & The Value of Design

After teaching design for 8 years in higher education, I recently jumped back into industry to pursue user experience design at Think Company. I’ve noticed several overlaps between UX and design education, particularly in the presentation of my own designs, and more importantly in the communication of the value of design at large. Both fields require intelligently articulating the problem, what was done, why it was done, and how that will affect future work and the overall vision—in a manner that others (whether they be students, clients, or users) can easily digest and make meaningful use of. Of course, effectively … Read more of the post Successfully Champion Your Work & The Value of Design

Think Brownstone Is Now Think Company!

We’re the same awesome, award-winning experience design firm, just with a new name. If you don’t know the story (you can read it here), when Carl and I first envisioned starting a company, we thought that it might eventually become a group of 10 or 15 of us in a beautiful brownstone building in Old City Philadelphia, so “Brownstone” became the codename for the company we might start someday. That day came in 2007 when, so we could send our first invoice, we quickly incorporated as “Brownstone Creative Partners” (I know, not great) and soon learned that our name was … Read more of the post Think Brownstone Is Now Think Company!

Reflections on 2016

A question that we’ve been asked many times over the years by clients, our own folks, and interested onlookers, has been “how will you maintain the culture as you grow?” This was on all of our minds when we went from a fully onsite crew at our first client to having some of us break off to work in the fledgling Conshohocken studio. It was a big concern when we opened our second studio in Center City Philadelphia and had Thinkers onsite at multiple clients. This year as we opened our third studio (the second in downtown Philly), there it … Read more of the post Reflections on 2016

The Smartest Content Strategist in the Room: Your Audience

My son likes Minecraft. A lot. He plays it all the time. He also watches videos about Minecraft. All kinds of videos. Mod reviews (mods are modifications you can make to Minecraft so you can play with, for example, monsters from the Aliens/Predators universe), Let’s Play videos (where you basically watch people self-comment on their gameplay), fictional series created in the world of Minecraft (there’s a whole Deadpool adaptation in there), music videos, and so on. None of these videos were commissioned or distributed by MoJang, the company that created Minecraft, or by their corporate owner Microsoft. They were simply … Read more of the post The Smartest Content Strategist in the Room: Your Audience

Our Team at Barcamp Philly 2016

The Think Brownstone team looks forward to BarCamp Philly every fall, and this year was no exception. The all-day “unconference” held at Wharton’s Hunstman Hall gives technology and design lovers a chance to speak about and listen to talks on lots of topics—and the casual sign-up-day-of format creates an environment of interesting, non-curated discussion. Talks range from informational technology and design sessions to more general discussions about community interests and shared hobbies. We love watching the evolution of this event year to year. Our own Dave Thomas, a long-time BarCamp Philly organizer, and Dan Gautch, a long-time annual attendee, share some thoughts below on … Read more of the post Our Team at Barcamp Philly 2016