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Our Mantra for Grace Under Pressure

We’ve all been there. We get some concerning news about a project, an important system or tool, an account, a colleague, a relationship… and our minds start racing to figure out what we’ll do in the event of the absolute worst-case outcome. It’s a stressful time, all bets are off, and in that fight-or-flight moment we also let down our guard in terms of how we talk to and treat one another—because nothing is larger than the challenge at hand and there’s no time for formality. Of course, this can happen in all areas of our lives, but it happens … Read more of the post Our Mantra for Grace Under Pressure

Thoughts from the Other Side of the Job Fair Table

I spent three hours a few weeks ago standing behind Think Company’s table at Technical.ly Philly’s  NET/WORK Suburbs 2017, talking to a number of interesting, engaging, smart people. I had some thoughts that I wanted to share while they were still fresh in my mind. To the person visibly steeling their courage before marching up to the table I know that approaching a potential employer’s table can be nerve-wracking.  But we’re not at the event because we want to get out there and judge people. We’re at the event because we’re actively looking for great people. We’re not looking for excuses … Read more of the post Thoughts from the Other Side of the Job Fair Table

Celebrating Ten Years of Think Company!

To celebrate our anniversary, the Think Company team is sharing thoughts on the reason we do the work that we do—our *why*. Keep up with the whole series at #Think10Years on Instagram.      Today is Think Company’s 10th birthday! Back in 2007, before “UX design” was really even a thing, Carl and I were frustrated with the way software design was getting done. We’d been working together for almost 10 years inside a few IT professional services companies and had dreamed of starting our own company that would put UX design at the front of the process instead of treating … Read more of the post Celebrating Ten Years of Think Company!

Introducing the React-a11y-Announcer

The Think Company UI Development Team recently created and published its first open-source component to enhance accessibility for React applications. We hope this component will be a helpful contribution to other developers in the community. What is it? The react-a11y-announcer can be integrated with a React application to provide additional context and information to a screen reader, which allows those users to more easily navigate an application. The component provides developers with an easy way to give users of screen readers feedback on the results of their interactions within an application. A developer can pass custom messages to the announcer component, … Read more of the post Introducing the React-a11y-Announcer

Guerrilla UX: Exploring a Better Design for the SEPTAkey Kiosk

One of our favorite ways to quickly describe what Think Company does is that we “rid the world of frustrating experiences.” Every day we help our clients transform existing conditions into preferred ones.* We Thinkers are passionate about this cause, and we often chat about frustrating experiences in our daily lives that we wish we could fix. My friend Dave Brindley, proud Philadelphia resident and founder of Not In Philly, shares my passion for good design and often texts me images and stories of bad design that he encounters in his daily life around the city. Recently he texted, “I just … Read more of the post Guerrilla UX: Exploring a Better Design for the SEPTAkey Kiosk