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CSL Behring

Transforming medical content management for a global biotherapeutics Leader

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CSL Behring, one of the world’s leading biotherapeutics companies, enlisted Think Company to help optimize and rebuild its global content management system. Think Company improved and simplified how CSL Behring creates, manages and distributes medical content for hundreds of field agents worldwide.

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  • 25 user interviews conducted
  • 4 main user types defined
  • 5 permissions categories defined 
  • 33 main content types simplified to 5
  • 23 Content Fields defined

The need to create consistency and build trust

CSL Behring wanted to centralize its content management on a global scale. To that end, it deployed the Veeva Vault Content Management System to store, manage and distribute its medical content used by field agents and content creators worldwide. However, CSL Behring’s team wasn’t using the system efficiently due to a lack of governance oversight and universal processes for every country — they didn’t trust the system, creating a rising risk of unapproved content going live.

Simplifying complex processes and optimizing for usage

Think Company began by analyzing the global content management infrastructure to optimize and provide configuration requirements to the Veeva team. Next, Think Company created a complete management process that included building consistent content types, models, access processes, and taxonomies for Veeva’s reconfiguration. The Think team also built governance processes that ensured CSL Behring’s materials were created, tagged, reviewed, and published efficiently, and complied with local regulations.

Trusted, global content management at scale

Think Company transformed the existing content management infrastructure to meet the new Veeva platform requirements and greatly simplified internal processes to improve usage. For example, 33 content types were reduced to five and content taxonomies went from 12 categories to just six. Now that it is running smoothly and efficiently, CSL Behring’s content creators and field agents better trust and use the content management platform more consistently.

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