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Penn Mutual

Using technology to improve how financial professionals service customers

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Penn Mutual prides itself on creating custom individual life insurance policies for its clients—there is no generic, one-size-fits-all approach to building someone’s future. Penn Mutual adopted this same bespoke mindset when it asked Think Company to help create a new modern, digital-first platform for its Gateway portal that supports its vast network of professional brokers.

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Life Insurance and Annuities

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$1B – $10B

Identifying pain points

Our team conducted stakeholder research with Penn Mutual’s department heads, the primary content owners for Gateway, to better understand their goals and pain points. We also spoke with Field Leaders, who act as company representatives, and are in Gateway’s primary audience. This group described their role as the hands-on go-between for consumers and Penn Mutual’s content and products.

Auditing for efficiency

Our team conducted a content audit of all of Penn Mutual’s published PDFs to help us identify and prioritize the content that should be easily accessible to Field Leaders and financial professionals in Gateway, and eliminate redundant or outdated content. An effective content migration process significantly reduced the trial and error usually associated with populating a revamped site.

Clarity with content operations

A content model built on research also helped move things along and provided real value to financial professionals. Not only did the new Gateway look great, but users could access Penn Mutual’s product data much more easily—and find exactly what they needed to sell more effectively.

Cohesive designs with a new pattern library

We built Penn Mutual a component library, which their team used to develop and launch a modernized Gateway. Having a pattern library in place helped significantly here. Thanks to these standards and components, it was straightforward to build pages that used the new look and feel, but flexible enough to be used across a wide range of use cases. No more reinventing the wheel every time.

Modernized product suite

Our partnership with Penn Mutual resulted in a modernized online product catalog, facilitating financial professionals’ access to vital product information. All of these improvements led to a rapidly expedited Gateway relaunch. Design began in July, and the updated site launched in September of the same year.


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