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Comcast Corporate

Creating a fresh and immersive brand experience.

Comcast’s new corporate site serves investors, press, and the public, setting a new standard in corporate communication.


The Comcast Corporate site serves as the face of the brand. It represents the company’s role as a world-class technology organization and supports the need to continuously publish new, timely, and engaging content. Comcast Corporate needed a captivating site that could elevate and effectively communicate their big ideas and innovations.

We partnered with the Comcast Corporate team to transform the site into a scalable platform with inherent flexibility for publishing a broad array of content.


  • Corporate Communications
  • Telecommunications
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As leaders in digital communication, it was critical that animation, video, and other immersive web design techniques run smoothly on every device—from the phone in a journalist’s hand to the 4K monitor in an analyst’s office.

To achieve this, we created a highly-reusable, component-based design system, re-coded the front end, and redefined the publication process. These efforts streamlined new component approval, boosted page performance, and allowed the site to be more easily maintained and enhanced. With this foundation, Comcast can continually optimize their site instead of redesigning it from scratch every few years.

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Successful experiences can’t just be beautiful—they must also be accessible. We worked side-by-side with Comcast’s accessibility team to identify, prioritize, and resolve accessibility issues in order to exceed modern accessibility standards.

To accommodate the amount of motion on the site, we used a reduced motion framework that respects user preference. This was a huge win for accessibility and allowed for an immersive experience for all visitors.

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Poor design-to-development hand-offs can wreck releases. We worked closely with front and back-end teams to ensure that decisions were made collaboratively and with the potential for future enhancements in mind.

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The Comcast Corporate website has emerged as an exemplary model among Fortune 50 companies. Through a systematic and values-driven approach, we helped strike a balance between immersive visuals and excellent performance… all while meeting WCAG 2.1 Level A accessibility guidelines. Comcast can nimbly publish new content and make incremental improvements far into the future.

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“Think Company has been the design bedrock of this project—developing the structure, look, and feel of the application. Think’s vision and ability to turn requirements into reality really set our project off on the right foot.”

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