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Launching a unified, self-service experience to maximize the SMB customer experience

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Comcast Business wanted to overhaul its applications and services for its small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) customers, moving from a siloed and inconsistent experience to a modern self-service one where users could easily manage their services and quickly resolve issues. Comcast turned to Think Company to simplify and optimize its SMB customer experience.

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The goal: Unified experience

Our team set out to create a unified SMB services experience anchored around business internet. This unified experience would empower users to self-manage their services, resolve issues, and learn how to get the most out of their solutions—all while enabling them to discover and purchase additional services as needed.

Identifying pain points through user research

We started by initiating conversations with small business owners about how they managed their internet and internet-related products. Through that process, we discovered that many SMB owners were frustrated that they needed to log in through multiple, separate portals to manage key features, time-sensitive information, and troubleshooting tools. These business owners also needed better tools for issue resolution.

Validating concepts with rapid prototypes

We created a rapid concept of a unified SMB experience and tested it with customers. While we assumed that SMBs have fewer locations, our prototype tests revealed that users needed more advanced troubleshooting tools that could handle multiple locations.

User testing and refining features along the way

We made the initial MVP version of the tool available to a small subset of customers, and as the product succeeded, we gradually invited more and more customers to the trial.


As the product approached general availability, we received feedback from product surveys, in-depth interviews (IDIs), and analytics data, which we used to further refine product features.

Creating a design system and migrating to Figma

We also created a design system to drive cohesion and streamline content and feature creation. By migrating their design team to working primarily in Figma, we consolidated their processes allowing them to work quickly and efficiently.

Driving growth with a unified product experience

By making targeted changes based on real user feedback, Comcast Business is continuing to streamline their product suite to offer a more seamless customer experience. The team has an informed product roadmap to guide future growth, and a design system to streamline and expedite content and feature creation.


As a result of initial wins, the team secured funding to develop a full stack development team, which will drive future success and sustainable growth over time.


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