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Humanizing a financial service partner

When your company is over 200 years old, it’s necessary to occasionally realign your web presence to business goals.

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Founded in 1832, Janney manages over $97 billion in client assets and provides tailored financial advice and wealth management to individuals, families, and businesses. With that kind of legacy, it’s easy for content to slip through the cracks and need a little fine-tuning for today’s investor.


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Sometimes to find where you’re going, you must know where you are. With Janney, that meant starting with a holistic look at the current state of their financial content—everything from the weekly bulletin to investment strategies and more. Along the way, we spoke with business stakeholders and customers to understand their needs and goals to identify potential gaps and opportunities for improvement.

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Once content gaps were identified, we were able to work together to address them. A key discovery was the disconnect between the business’ desire to drive customer-advisor engagement and the lack of content encouraging customers to do so. Compounded with that was the discovery that these types of interactions offered the type of human touch that led to high customer satisfaction.

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A fantastic content strategy means nothing if it can’t be operationalized. Together with client stakeholders, we honed in on a content model that standardized best practices across all content types and allowed those practices to scale across content teams. This meant that not only was content consistent, impactful, and supporting business goals, but there was clear direction as to how the content management system would deliver it.

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Having operated for over 200 years, there was a considerable amount of legacy content to contend with. To address this, we provided guidance to determine what content would persist, what content would be updated, and what new content would have to be created. We created a plan to work out who would be responsible for what and set up the means of content governance for the future.

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Today, Janney’s website is live and represents a quantum leap forward in terms of readability, navigation, and impactful content. Behind the scenes, the company now has the digital infrastructure in place to more rapidly create new, compelling financial content that aligns with business goals and customer needs.

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