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Celebrating 15 (independent) years of Think Company

This month marks our 15th year of operation. While we’re proud of this milestone, we’re most proud of our longstanding status as an independent company.

Think Company logo celebrating 15 years.


This September, we’re celebrating 15 years in operation. For Thinkers as well as our friends and partners—some who have been cheering us on since our founding in 2007—this is an exciting moment of reflection as we think about the next 15 years and beyond. Today, we’re extremely proud of the size of our team (over 150 Thinkers!) as well as our depth of expertise in improving experiences by designing better digital tools for customers and employees.

While operating for 15 years is a noteworthy accomplishment, a critical aspect of our success is tied to our owners’ (Carl White and Brian McIntire) commitment to remaining an independent company despite a trend toward consolidation in our industry. With the agreement and support of company leadership, we’ve preserved an enduring perspective on why this company began, how we want to work with clients and each other, and what principles are non-negotiable to us, especially in our field.

15 years by the numbers

Our status as “proudly independent” is what allows us to maintain a standard of service and a culture we’re dedicated to evolving in a few essential ways:

High quality, consistent work

We want to remain profitable and to continue to grow, but being an independent organization means that we don’t have investors pressuring us to grow at a rate that doesn’t align with our core values. This means we can focus on doing what’s best for our clients and the people they serve without pressure to deliver mediocre work on an unreasonable schedule.

A focus on humans

Because we are driving against realistic goals, we are able to focus our effort on the people impacted by our work. We build tools and services focused on the humans who will use them. Clients meet the actual teams they’ll work with. Business decisions are based in empathy for the people that make up the company—which contributes to everyone feeling happier and healthier at work.

Agency in business and creativity

Without needing to work within the limits of a larger organization (with an already-established hierarchy and structure), we still have the flexibility to make decisions based on experimentation and feedback—internally, and in our creative work. This approach helps us continue to innovate.

… With no plans to change our status

Leadership at Think Company is still committed to remaining independent into the future. We’re optimistic about where that commitment might take us, and how it’ll affect the people connected to the work we’re so passionate about. Thanks for celebrating 15 years with us!

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