Living our values in all that we do

It all starts with people.

People are what makes a community thrive. Beginning with our recruiting process all the way through to our team structure and management philosophy, we thoughtfully build experiences for employees and partners that allow us to strive for excellence and achieve our best. Most importantly, we nurture an environment of kindness, honesty, and growth in every interaction.

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Accessibility and inclusion guide our team and our work.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and serving others, we stay up to date on product inclusivity best practices and accessibility in design and technology leadership. On our team, we take active steps to educate ourselves, affect change in our working culture, and promote collaborative practices through our diversity, equity, and inclusion group.

People working in a conference room

We’re most successful when we collaborate.

Teamwork leads to better outcomes. We believe in sharing knowledge in every direction—hosting internal Discipline Interest Groups (DIGs), Lunch ‘n’ Learns, and company work shares in order to continuously improve and learn from each other. We share knowledge with our partners through design trainings and workshops, and we work shoulder to shoulder with teams and leaders to solve tough challenges.

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We give generously to our industry and community.

Many of us are passionate speakers, mentors, and volunteers in our field and beyond. We work to be of service inside and outside of our walls—organizing projects, trainings, events, and opportunities to contribute to something larger. We practice excellence by sharing and evolving our talents.

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