Case Study

Cloud-Based Retail Reporting Platform for a Loss/Fraud Prevention Company

The Challenge

  • Customer users requested a web-based version of the platform to replace the locally-installed legacy version
  • Competitors were stealing customers with a technologically inferior product that had a better user interface and overall experience
  • Customer users demanded a more modern aesthetic and interaction model as well as more detailed customized reporting options

The Goal

Reduce the occurrence of fraud and loss among major retailers while making the reporting platform intuitive and aesthetically pleasing to interpret complex data, create custom queries and generate reports

Our Approach

  • Redesigned the user interface and workflows, bringing the system to a new web-enabled platform and upgrading to modern interface conventions
  • Designed and implemented features over time including elegant drill-down to view individual transactions on receipts while viewing synchronized video, performing cluster analyses to identify potential fraud behaviors, and the ability to create unique queries across widely disparate data sets

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