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Case Studies

Research, Visioning & New Product Development for Fortune 500 Insurance, Investments & Retirement Firm

The Opportunities

  • Existing processes weren’t optimized to properly support the integration of digital tools; attempts to introduce digital into the process downstream ended up in inconsistent and confusing implementations and experiences for both agents and customers
  • Both agents and customers desired more visibility into the sales process and tools to facilitate clear communication and movement through to conversion
  • Customers desired a more facilitated experience following the initiation of policies, continuing the service and feeling of support beyond the initial sales interaction
future and current state journey map

The Solution

We armed the sales force of a multi-billion dollar life insurance company with deep customer insights and supporting digital tools to attract, retain and serve customers better.

Our Approach

  • Worked with a large holding company for multiple life insurance companies and investment firms to rethink the sales process and create a supporting suite of products to elegantly meet the needs of all stakeholder personas identified in the comprehensive research phase
  • Interviewed agents, customers and potential customers to map the customer journey and identify critical drop off points in the sales process
  • Created vision story artifacts, executive presentations, highly functional proof-of-concept deliverables, and detailed strategies for elegant handoffs between digital and analog interactions
  • Created prototypes for selling concepts internally and performing design validation with user prior to full design effort

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