Case Study

Audience Research, Engagement Strategy & Digital Analytics Tool for Public Media Provider

The Challenge

  • The majority of donors were from the upper age demographic with very little growth in donations from the younger generations
  • The existing business strategy didn’t align with the interests and preferred technologies of the younger generations—types of content, engagement mechanisms and methods of outreach
  • No evidenced-based research existed on the archetypes present in the target audience or their objective behaviors, wants, and unmet needs
  • The organization was in need of a vision, strategy, and roadmap to implement

The Goal

Construct an objective picture of actual regional content consumers and their behaviors, followed by engagement strategies for converting them to donor members

Our Approach

  • Performed extensive quantitative and qualitative audience research to create factual, evidence-based personas of audience members
  • Personas included engagement strategies for each with a specific focus on moving them through a conversion funnel to donate funds and become sustaining members
  • This was followed by heavy input on brand strategy and sustainability planning, mobile content delivery audits and recommendations; and the creation of a proof-of-concept for a public media digital dashboard to track user process through the journey of casual engagement to committed, sustaining membership

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