Success Stories

Personal Wellness Portal for Insurance Companies

The Opportunities

  • Customers regarded the company’s flagship product as confusing, outdated, unengaging, and not particularly valuable
  • Company was losing marketshare to competitor products
  • Company was interested in optimizing the interface(s), workflow, information architecture, visualization and presentation of data, and overall aesthetic appearance—including optimization across devices

The Solution

We redesigned and rebranded a wellness portal for insurance companies to offer their members—driving better personal habits, health outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs.

Our Approach

  • Provided a redesign including highly personalized services ranging from addressing a host of healthcare and insurance-related questions and issues to providing one-on-one support for improving health and well-being
  • Challenges included streamlining complex task workflows, driving regular and ongoing user engagement, improving overall compliance, designing an optimal experience and governance model for user generated content, and using gamification techniques to incent participation