Success Stories

Internal Business System for Insurance Agents at a Fortune 250 Company

The Opportunities

  • Existing user base demanded a more modern digital tool including streamlined workflows for completing tasks (fewer clicks/steps), a “smarter” more intuitive system, and advanced customization options
  • Customers expressed frustration with the inability to find things due to jargon words and phrases being used
  • Fractured and inconsistent user experience spread across multiple interfaces

The Solution

We minimized repetitive tasks for agents, reduced offshore support costs, and decreased data error rates for an insurance agency by redesigning a business system comprised of multiple technologies and manual processes into a single user experience.

  • ADP Log-in view of "My Queue"
  • ADP Log-in client detail information

Our Approach

  • Conducted focus groups, contextual inquiries and systems analysis of the entire user experience from initial sales call through final contract execution
  • Designed an interface that communicated with multiple systems, removed duplicate interactions, eliminated manual processes, increased the efficiency of the sales staff, and reduced the time-to-close of deals
  • ADP Log-in homepage
  • ADP Log-in view of "My Queue" highlighting overdue tasks