The Opportunities

  • Competitive organizations stealing market share with less robust data but better self-service digital tools, user interfaces and experiences
  • Executive management wanted to build a product to not only meet what competitors were doing but “leapfrog” them to gain a more long-term competitive edge

The Solution

We equiped HR executives at global client organizations with powerful, simple tools to drive profit through insightful, strategic use of company data.

Our Approach

  • Designed an analytics and reporting platform for HR executives allowing them to track organizational metrics around compensation, benefits, time, talent management, and performance tracking (a new product release for the client)
  • Designed functionality to allow executives to build and share customized dashboards, create custom visualizations for an extensive metric library, mashup HR data with outside data sources, and run complex reports
  • We continue to partner with the client’s product management and technology teams to design and develop new feature sets