Success Stories

Big Data & Analytics Platform for a Fortune 250 Company

The Challenge

  • Legacy reporting environment was extremely large and complex; had no business intelligence or analytics capability
  • Reporting was “one size fits all” and not appropriately customized for different sized client organizations
  • Existing user base was demanding more modern and intuitive reporting tools

The Goal

Unlock the potential of one of the most comprehensive business data sets in the world; provide an intuitive digital tool for analysis and predictive insight that is available anytime, anywhere

Our Approach

  • Designed a new, modern digital analytics platform featuring rich data visualization, tools for exploration/customization, data benchmarking, and predictive analytics
  • Conducted multiple stages of research to inform design including competitive analysis, in-depth interviews with product customers and usability studies
  • Led formative Think Exercises with client and client customers to identify, articulate and prioritize platform features and use cases
  • Worked with our client using an Agile methodology to incrementally create, test, validate, and release functionality
  • Developed a comprehensive data visualization style guide – including front-end javascript code, visual style guide and guidelines on when to select specific visualization types, guidelines for filtering and viewing data, and merging data sets