What We Do

Digital Application & Product Design

Digital products and applications sit at the intersection of business goals, technical capabilities, and user experience. Whether building, adapting, or maintaining a product or application, you need to balance these competing needs to make sure the final product flourishes. 

Improving your digital products or building them strategically from the get-go will not only enhance your organization’s overall customer experience, you’ll also improve operational efficiencies and increase market share in your industry. Our focus on evidence-based design ensures that digital tools are always built to address real challenges, pain points, and opportunities for growth.


Digital Product & Application Design

Build a new digital product your target audience will use.

Your Goal:

Work with a partner to help us turn our idea into a functional application or digital product.

Our Approach: Digital Product Development & Conceptualization

We can get involved at every stage of new digital product development. We partner with your team during conceptualization to turn an early idea into a clear roadmap. Concept refinement continues through prototyping and testing before moving into full-scale design and build for launch.

Your Goal:

Establish momentum and bring a digital product to market, despite internal roadblocks.

Our Approach: Collaborative Digital Product Design

We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative relationship geared toward productivity. We’re comfortable driving or assisting with design or development efforts based on your team’s abilities. We can help to increase team velocity by introducing a well-constructed design system, reducing churn between design and development, or setting up a more reliable Agile process that leads to predictable outcomes.

Your Goal:

Pivot based on user feedback and build a digital product that addresses user needs.

Our Approach: Digital Design Research

Our evidence-based design process starts with research. No matter what stage your project is in, there’s an opportunity to learn more and confirm that you’re addressing key user needs. We can help refocus your design and development efforts around a set of core principles formulated to achieve the results you want.

Digital Product & Application Optimization

Revamp (or consolidate) a current product or application to align with market needs.

Your Goal:

Enhance the performance of your digital product.

Our Approach: Identify Digital Product Pain Points

We aim to figure out why something isn’t working as anticipated. Our innovative lean research practices help to identify the root causes, allowing us to pursue targeted solutions. A thorough heuristic analysis may reveal a need for improved interaction design, or a lack of product-market fit may require a degree of organizational change. 

Your Goal:

Consolidate several legacy systems into a single platform to provide customers and employees with a better experience.

Our Approach: Evidence-Based Research to Guide Product Growth

When migrating data, content, or functionality across systems, we start by identifying constraints, usually during a discovery phase. We can help formulate a comprehensive set of requirements that maps current functionality to new streamlined workflows vetted through user research. Natural outcomes from this work can include an updated content model, design system, or architecture.

Digital Maintenance

Create an efficient and scalable process to design, build, and maintain your digital product.

Your Goal:

Increase our output each sprint while reducing the stress felt by our team.

Our Approach: Dedicated Design Teams

We’ll help you run Agile sprints based on your particular needs. This structure ensures each member of your team knows their role and has a manageable workload. Our SCRUM-certified project managers, tech leads, and design leads break large initiatives into functional work streams so you can launch new features and updates on schedule.