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From Assessment to Insights

Our finely-tuned design and technology audits measure core attributes across your digital properties, tools, and processes, providing you with immediate insight into what’s working and where you can make improvements. We’ll help you take inventory, interpret the findings, get some quick wins, and determine how to address larger challenges.

Design & Technology Audit Deliverables

  • Usability and heuristic report card
  • Technical infrastructure assessment
  • Accessibility audit
  • UI component audit
  • Content strategy audit
  • Process governance and improvement
  • Analyze customer feedback loops

The Think Way

Our Unique Approach on Auditing Design & Technology

Each audit we run draws on our expertise within different disciplines and focuses on a specific set of issues like usability, accessibility, technical architecture, content strategy, and more. We’ll carefully review your audit results to identify the cause of an issue, not just the symptoms. Our analysis will help you plan next steps and set up baseline analytics to measure progress against.

Design & Technology
Audit Outcomes

Through targeted audits, you’ll be able to identify and address issues directly, while quantifying the investment of time and money to achieve your desired outcomes. Take the guesswork out of product development and build a backlog of tasks and initiatives that will propel you to the next phase of product maturity.


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