Success Stories

Payer Portal for Electronic Healthcare Payment Company

The Opportunities

  • Providers that received payments by credit card faced fees as high as 2.5% while ACH payments carried little to no fee; most payments were by credit card, with providers losing substantial revenue as a result
  • Company was launching a new “virtual credit card” payment option at a fraction of the cost, and desired a redesigned portal to highlight the value of this option and encourage users to signup

The Solution

We designed a digital portal that highlights the value and encourages signups for a new payment method, and enhanced the payment process between payers and providers.

Our Approach

  • The redesigned experience focused on successfully converting providers from other payment options to the new product, making review and payment of invoices and receiving payments simple and straightforward
  • Clearly presented options and their value, and providing meaningful features both within (reporting, dashboards, etc.) and outside the portal (such as push features via text, email, fax)