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Skip the one-size-fits-all solutions. At Think Company, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and we’ll create a bespoke process and setup that’s great for your business.

Our design leads and design-and-dev-minded project managers will partner with your design leadership. We’ll help you evolve your team, tools, and process so you can create better designs and content more easily—and reach your business goals faster.

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How we work

  • Custom assessment materials to help you secure buy-in from stakeholders
  • A team lead to manage both high-level visioning and implementation
  • Efficient workflows that maximize the talent in your team
  • Custom tooling suggestions and implementation support
  • Equipping your team with the key skills they need to realize your DesignOps goals

Greater Visibility Into Your Teams

We’ll help you structure your teams so designers have what they need to get their job done. With the right team setup, you’ll know each designer’s capacity at a given time and be able to plan for upcoming projects. We’ll make it easier to scope, estimate, and prepare for design work—and maintain that plan as the project progresses.

Strategic Roadmapping

Our experts will help you envision a new way of working and put that plan into action. We’re experts at “zooming in” and “zooming out,” offering high-level visioning advice and on-the-ground support throughout the life of the DesignOps project. You’ll have a partner in both strategy and implementation.

The Best Tools For You

Are your tools outdated? Would you know if they were? We’ll help you assess your current tech stack and provide strategic recommendations to upgrade your tooling. We’ll also help your team transition when necessary. (Your team will thank you for this one.)

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