Rapid Concept Realization

Quickly turn ideas and concepts into products and services

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Prototype Your Next Big Idea

Whether you’re looking to test an idea with customers or get buy-in from leaders in your organization, Think Company can bring your concept to life. We have the tools and experience to get you from napkin sketches to something people can interact with without the time and cost commitments of full app development. 


We’ll uncover opportunities and help avoid barriers both internal and in the market. If you’re ready to move from idea to action, our teams know where to focus our energies for maximum return.

Concept Realization Key Deliverables

  • Conceptual mockups
  • Customer-tested ideas and concepts
  • Roadshows and pitch materials
  • Functional prototypes
  • MVP-ready

The Think Way

Defining the Innovation Process

Each phase of the innovation process requires a different approach. Early stage buy-in needs a story to tell and assets to support it. Market validation requires rapid prototyping in both low and high fidelity. Preparing to take an MVP to market demands rock solid front-end code and a dynamic design system. We’ll meet you where you are along this journey and help you advance through the stages.




Digital Product Ideation

We’ll help you gather and refine the best ideas for your digital product, ensuring the right people are part of the process. Together, we’ll examine the competitive landscape, perform blue sky thinking exercises for inspiration, and chart the best path forward.

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Balancing Business Strategy and User Experience

As informed consultants, we’ll apply a critical eye to your concepts that blends user feedback and industry expertise. Feasibility, desirability, best practices, digital trends, and more will help us identify and address gaps, while also surfacing unrealized possibilities in your product or service experience.

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Agile Ideas with Product Development

Whether your goal is preparing for a go-to-market MVP, a high fidelity prototype to take your pitch to the next level, or a fully-featured redesign, we can drive a project forward. Our broad expertise with both consumer and B2B initiatives gives us the skill to translate your concepts into experiences you can share with others.

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