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The ROI of medical information portal investment

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MedInfo portal investment can feel a lot of work just to provide medical professionals with a better experience. After all, most healthcare professionals (HCPs) are just looking for information—if you have the required data on your site, why should you invest any further in a portal?

After years of designing effective MedInfo portals, we’ve seen our partners experience tremendous results while providing a better experience for HCPs. Whether you’re improving an existing portal or building from scratch, your company can benefit from UX and content strategy investment in your MedInfo portals.

Here are three of the top benefits we’ve seen.

Increased efficiency

One of the primary benefits our partners have experienced when they invest in their MedInfo portals is the increased efficiency that comes with improved team collaboration.

A structured content model and governance process—two critical components to a comprehensive content strategy—help streamline legal, medical, and regulatory reviews, allowing your organization to publish content much more quickly. And setting up your content management system (CMS) with built-in safeguards and best practices translates to easier and more efficient content creation—not to mention better relationships between your brand, medical, and review teams.

Containing all of your medical content in a single repository also supports a “write-once, publish everywhere” strategy—which is especially valuable for organizations maintaining separate content databases. You can streamline your processes to flow from a single database of content that can be used to create web pages in your portal, medical response letters, call center verbatims, and chatbot responses.

Reduced operational costs

While an effective portal serves as a “front door” for HCPs, providing a one-stop shop for users, there are other operational benefits. The single most important internal benefit is that your organization now has a scalable tool for responding to requests in a compliant manner, reducing the time needed to respond individually to common requests.

Content contained within a singular repository also lessens the cost of maintaining multiple platforms. Having one source of truth makes it easier to review content as labels change, and reduces the resources required to ensure content is reviewed in a predictable schedule.

With less and less time to see patients, HCPs increasingly rely on digital methods when seeking medical information. They often resort to human-to-human interactions only when they can’t find the data they need. While it’s valuable to provide HCPs with the ability to speak to your team members directly, you can dramatically reduce call center volume by offering more comprehensive information through your digital portals.

Value for employees and HCPs

At Think Company, we focus on improving customer and employee experiences through enterprise-scale digital platforms. An HCP portal ties these two experiences together, allowing you to improve both at once. Ideally, a mature portal can also replicate many typical face-to-face activities between HCPs and company reps—benefitting both groups simultaneously.

Developing a sophisticated measurement strategy for your portal analytics can also provide insights to your brand and medical teams. Analytics can reveal market trends by tracking keywords leading to your portal, keywords used within your portal, and user behaviors connected to those keywords. For example, a trend in abandoned search terms may provide insights into competitive products or unknown interactions with new products on the market.

Some organizations’ regulatory needs require that they gate more sensitive information behind a login to ensure compliance. If your portal falls in that category, the user experience can be effectively tied to your organization’s CRM, providing insight to marketing teams and empowering them to do “next-best-action” marketing. This means that your portal captures analytics that can point to the logical next step for users based on activity and queries, and provides you with the data to create a better customer experience in the future.

A portal with a login also allows you to customize the user experience for different HCP roles, providing customized service to general practitioners, specialists, nurses, retail pharmacists, institutional pharmacists, and office staff.


Talk with the experts about improving your medical information portal

Ready to invest in your medinfo portal? We can navigate complex regulatory and legal environments to help you improve (or build) your medical information portal and reduce operational costs while driving value to HCPs (and your employees).


The ROI of MedInfo portals

MedInfo portal investment can seem like a low-priority investment. As long as you have the required info on a landing page, what’s the benefit of devoting precious time and resources to building a complex portal?

We’ve partnered with pharmaceutical companies to build effective MedInfo and HCP portals since our foundation in 2007. Throughout that history, we’ve facilitated hundreds of discussions with HCPs about their needs and preferences, and navigated the complex regulatory and legal environments our clients operate in.

We’ve watched as our partners have experienced greater efficiency and improved team collaboration, reduced operational costs, and driven value for HCPs—and themselves. Whether you’re improving an existing portal or building from scratch, these benefits are available for your organization when you invest in UX and content strategy for your MedInfo portals.

Have a question about your upcoming MedInfo portal or site project? Reach out to chat with experts from our team.

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