CRM Development and Consulting

At Think Company, our CRM experts are passionate about creating a system that works simply, smoothly, and powerfully. We start by understanding your needs and your workflows, we collaborate with you to design and develop the simplest system that meets your needs, and we put a roadmap in place to make sure you have everything you need in the future—before you need it.

Investing in CRM and Salesforce consulting services will improve your overall sales workflow as well as your team’s user experience. When working with Think Company, your team will get the tools and processes you need while developing a much deeper knowledge of your organization’s sales pipeline.

Custom CRM Solutions

Understand your CRM needs and plan how to get there.

Your Goal

Develop a customized experience built on top of your CRM platform.

Our Approach: Custom CRM Development

We use our world-class design skills to execute beautiful experiences so that your CRM system becomes a seamless part of your user experience.

Your Goal

Implement Salesforce to match your workflow.

Our Approach: Uncover Organizational Needs

We conduct technical discovery audits to understand where your Salesforce needs are met and where your needs are unique. We map your organization’s structure to role hierarchies, sharing models, and workflows so that your CRM solution feels natural to your team.

Your Goal

Smoothly integrate Salesforce with the rest of your organization.

Our Approach: Salesforce Integration Analysis

We perform an integration analysis to find the simplest and smoothest way for Salesforce to share information with your existing systems. When appropriate, we write custom code so the end user feels like it all “just works.”

Your Goal

Determine which CRM system best meets your needs.

Our Approach: CRM Consulting

We make specific strategic recommendations to find a CRM system that meets your needs and helps you plan for natural growth—avoiding expensive and distracting re-platforming initiatives.

Your Goal

Understand the timing and costs associated with CRM consulting and implementation.

Our Approach: Project and Timeline Transparency

We provide fact-based roadmap assessments that synthesize your organization’s capabilities and history—plus our track record of development and integration—to create a living document that outlines CRM development and integration.