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Once a Thinker, always a Thinker

As a Think Company alum, you can stay connected with the extended Think network through a variety of networking, educational, and social opportunities. Sign up for updates on our alumni program and get access to perks.

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Alumni Perks

  • Quarterly alumni newsletter
  • Think event access
  • Employee & client referral incentives
  • Studio access (coming soon)

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Employee & client referral incentives

Earn up to $1,000 by referring someone who’d be a great fit for a role at Think Company or a client who’d benefit from our services. Reach out to us using the form below and we can talk through the details with you.

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Exclusive access to events

You’re always able to attend the public events we host, but Think Company alumni are also welcome to experience any of our internal educational events. We’ll also offer you the floor if you’d like to share knowledge at a lunch ‘n learn or DIG. Keep an eye out for opportunities in the alumni newsletter and Slack channel.


Work from our Philadelphia studio

If you’re looking for a familiar and well-equipped coworking space, join us in our Center City studio. We’re creating a visitor program for alumni allowing you to reconnect with Thinkers, grab a spot to work, and enjoy the vibe.

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Share your news and updates

Have a personal or professional update you’d like to share with the Think Company alumni community? Fill out the form below to share more about what you’ve been up to. You may be featured in our next alumni newsletter!

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If you’re interested in being part of this program, sign up for more information. You’ll receive the alumni newsletter and updates in your inbox about new perks and opportunities as they’re available. Let us know if you’re interested in occasionally working from the studio, too—we’re gathering interest now for a visitor program that’s in development!



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