Technology and Design Consulting

To keep up with the ever-changing needs of your organization, you must make sure your systems and processes evolve to keep up with industry standards. Avoid the challenges that come with growing teams,  products, and services with dedicated software engineering consultants. 

By investing in technology and design  consulting, your team’s skills and bandwidth will be used effectively to build products with increased speed and agility. Most importantly, you’ll be able to boost team morale and productivity—which ultimately leads to better results.

two people in discussion near a computer

Digital Strategy

Plan your digital future and evolve as an organization.

Your Goal

Accurately describe your business needs for an RFP.

Our Approach: Identification and Visualization

Well-informed project descriptions result in meaningful RFP responses. We can help add clarity to this process by conducting Think Sessions to investigate software engineering and design requirements. We can structure your Request for Proposal, adding visualizations and prototypes as necessary.

Your Goal

Accomplish your initiative in a phased approach.

Our Approach: Agile Software Process

An Agile approach to software requires iterative designs that change over time. We can ensure flexibility by introducing a well-constructed design system and a strategic product roadmap that will keep short-term efforts focused on providing value. Then, an Agile process can produce predictable outcomes for design and development efforts.

Team Growth and Retention

Build cohesive, passionate, and performant development and design teams.

Your Goal

Hire a development team to maintain your new application.

Our Approach: Recruitment Consulting and Development

We can design a flexible framework to understand which tasks are core to the business and which can be outsourced. Then, we’ll help identify the size of the software development and design team you need, organize roles, write job postings, and review candidates.

Your Goal

Set your technology team up for success as your company continues to grow.

Our Approach: Technical Architecture Evaluation

Our team can help to define, clarify, and achieve your goals. We’ll leverage socio-technical architecture to discover areas where your codebase may not be aligned with your growth. We can then work with your team  to build plans to address pain points.

Your Goal

Improve employee morale and reduce turnover.

Our Approach: Organizational Software and Technology Evaluation

We evaluate your organization for burnout factors, and we design process remediation plans and implementation timelines that show the path to a clean, modern development lifecycle.

Software Development and Workflow Consulting

Ship more software and enhance team workflow.

Your Goal

Increase sprint output and reduce team stress.

Our Approach: Project Management Consulting

Our SCRUM-certified team breaks down the complexity of large products into functional workstreams. This integrated approach ensures each member of your team knows their role and has a manageable workload. Combined with a design system, these coordinated efforts increase efficiency and build consistency with each release.

Your Goal

Maintain development team workflow as your organization grows.

Our Approach: Organization and Workflow Analysis

We employ research tactics to evaluate your technical team and associated organization to identify strengths and weaknesses in team structure, technology, systems, or processes that affect the development team’s ability to get work done.

Your Goal

Improve your organization’s technologies to meet your design needs.

Our Approach: Custom Technology Implementation Plans

We’ll create an execution plan with concrete steps, timelines, estimates, and priorities to get your team working towards goals that align with your business strategy, technical vision, and team’s capabilities. This information, combined with a clear understanding of your business and technical needs, will allow us to recommend specific tools, processes, and technologies.