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Before a single piece of data is examined, ResearchOps brings structure to the research effort for design and development processes. Purposefully considering the research flow sets up the cadence, tools, and storage involved in the work that will affect the direction of your product or service.

This structure ensures high-quality data informs product and service decisions about user needs, perspectives, and experiences. In other words, better research—with a better framework—means better decisions.

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How We Work

  • Internal research recruiting and management
  • Clear and consistent research participant communication
  • A research repository anyone on your team can access and understand
  • Templates and guides for research
  • Analytics reporting

No more directionless research

Sometimes research feels invisible because of all the time needed to produce data—or it can feel like a void that delays the actual work. But research provides direction. And a well-structured analysis that follows best practices? Now you’re really on your way.

A user-first mindset

ResearchOps can help shift your team’s mindset from feature focused to opportunity focused. Putting effort into research and its structure sets your entire team up to see and understand how valuable this information is. The user and their needs are consistently given priority throughout your work, which makes your solutions better.

Research baked in

ResearchOps creates an environment where consistent, reliable user research data is built into your existing design and development processes. Your team experiences discovery research that guides visioning and evaluative research that informs design and development decisions, and everyone enjoys metrics baselines to track wins over time.

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