Think Company is here to help you move forward

As we all cope with the impact of this global health crisis, Think Company is operating effectively as a fully distributed team. We’re quickly responding to the needs of our current clients and are prepared to support new initiatives triggered by these current conditions.

Our CEO, Russ Starke, shared a public statement on the many ways this is impacting our company, clients, and industry, including this thought on how fundamental aspects of conducting business across the globe will change:

New standards for working and entire business models will spring from this that not too far in the future we’ll be able to point to COVID-19 as their genesis. We should all be keeping our eyes open not only so that we can capitalize on opportunities, but so that we don’t get left behind with technology and norms that will be (even more) antiquated in the workplaces to come.

We’re also seeking to help our community, particularly organizations supporting the frontline response, by applying our skills to the immediate challenges they’re facing.

If you are looking for free resources on working remotely or adapting your approach to design and technology to these new conditions, we’re sharing and adding to this content regularly: