Mumbai’s Dabbawalas: Icons of Service Design

Learn more about what makes the Dabbawalas models of efficiency, accuracy, trust, and dedication.

April 30, 2020 3:00 pm

About the Webinar

The “Dabbawalas” of Mumbai are a 126-year-old network of 5,000 delivery people that deliver up to 200,000 lunch boxes per day—in the fourth most populated city in the world! A primarily illiterate and decentralized workforce, the “Dabbawalas” are icons of efficiency, accuracy, trust, and dedication—serving as a model of exemplary service design and an embodiment of the spirit of Mumbai. Join us as we unpack some of the Dabbawala’s success, as well as some takeaways for your own service design endeavors.

This is part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About our Speakers

Neha Agarwal, Design Lead

The “academic” of Think Company, Neha came to us through higher education, where she honed her love of teaching, learning and mentoring—all still very much in use. A visually-oriented designer with an affinity for typography, illustration, and a good balance of process, content, and execution, she loves to affect change through teamwork and design thinking.

Dhiraj Sapkal, Senior Experience Designer

The “philomath” of Think Company, Dhiraj comes from a background of chemical engineering with a focus on fiber and textile processing—until he found his true love of UX! He retains the mind of an engineer and the heart of a designer who loves to get under the hood and code, experimenting with new tech to support his design ideas.

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