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What I Thought About During The Storm(s): Forecasting Delight

graphical weather forecast between Monday and Thursday

If you live in the Northeastern United States like I do, you know what a never-ending throat punch this winter has been. Here around Philadelphia, we’re currently in third place for the all-time local snowfall record, with more on the horizon as I write this. Great.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the winter. Having established my circadian rhythms in the all-four-seasons zone, I genuinely delight in the coming of each new season, yet similarly despair in the depths of both Winter and Summer (Spring and Fall can do no wrong). Despite the allure of the near-perfect weather of San Diego or the Mediterranean, I’d be hard-pressed to give up my seasons β€” even knowing that with them come mowing in a humid 95ΒΊ and shoveling a foot-plus of heavy, wet snow in the breaks between conference calls.

I feel like there’s something to learn in there for the UX designer. Even Southern Californians I talk to admit to seeking a break from their perfect monotony in the mountains to the east. Yes, your designs should be logical and employ some level of predictability, but that’s not to say that variety doesn’t have its place. It’s that variety and occasional unpredictability that can help bring the delight in Research > Design > Delight. The trick for us – where we earn our keep – is helping our clients recognize the time to be predictable and the time to throw in a mid-winter heatwave.