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A High School Internship at Think Brownstone

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When I was little, my dad worked at a consulting firm.  He was in a project management role and worked with designers, business analysts, and information architects.  It was my first exposure to this area of the working world and I realized that it could be an area of interest to me.

Flash forward 8 years – I’m a senior in high school and looking for somewhere to intern for my senior project.  I was brainstorming ideas with my dad and he suggested his old friends that were now working at Think Brownstone.  Right away I thought it was a perfect idea.  They would be a fun group of people to spend time with and I’d always been interested in the problem solving and usability part of business.

So I started my internship. I sat in on all types of different meetings – everything from insurance companies to non-profit organizations.  Most of the time the meetings were long and pretty confusing, but it helped me learn a lot more about what Think Brownstone is all about.  I learned that they are basically problem solvers, and they apply the design process to almost any business problem.

This opportunity has taught me a great deal about this really interesting type of work and I want to learn more.  Overall, it was a really good experience!