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Building a place where people belong

Everyone has their own interpretation and definition of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Creating a shared vocabulary of diversity, equity, and inclusion for Think Company is important so that we each come to work, individually and collectively, with a common understanding of what we’re committing to. At the same time, it allows us to hold ourselves and the organization accountable for the agreed-upon goals.


Create digital products that everyone can use

When we center diverse human experiences, we create better products for everyone. We can achieve this by using an inclusive lens across disciplines, from design prototypes to product launch to product enhancement and evolution.

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We do the work together

Inclusion takes practice and accountability. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is a volunteer team of Thinkers who are passionate about cultivating understanding and improving our sense of community and belonging at Think Company.

Our goals for this year:

  • Support an inclusive culture for our employees, partners, and clients
  • Facilitate conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Think Company
  • Identify opportunities to improve our recruiting and staffing practices

You can connect with us any time to talk through questions you have about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Think Company.

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