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Insights Report

An assessment of HCP portals today

Explore the data on how today's top U.S. biopharmaceutical companies share medical information online with HCPs—and what we can learn from the sites that are leading the way.

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This insights report highlights research data on how pharma companies share medical information with HCPs, how each portal or site meets audience needs, and the resulting best practices based on industry trends.


Update: Access the 2022 version of this report

We assessed 39 publicly-available medical information portals and sites from the top 20 U.S. pharmaceutical companies in 2020. We evaluated each site’s content, functionality, and overall UX performance—all resulting in a final score for each site. The report includes the data as well as best practices and opportunity areas based on the results.

While digital tools for customer experience continue to evolve and there’s no final goal post established for these sites, leaders in pharmaceutical marketing, IT, medical affairs, and regulatory review (among other functions) can learn a lot from those who are providing the most robust experiences for the people who rely on their content.

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