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Insights report

Digital accessibility as a competitive edge for Insurers

Findings from a survey of the top 18 insurance providers in the U.S.

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Insurance leaders face unique challenges to meet customer needs when the stakes are high. By creating and maintaining a usable, well-designed website, insurance companies can grow their market share while making it easier for customers to access vital information when they need it most.


In this insights report, Think Company partnered with Crownpeak, an organization performing automated accessibility reports of public websites. We looked at the top 18 insurance companies in the U.S. and evaluated their sites against accessibility and usability best practices. The report outlines the data we collected and trends we’ve noticed, and it highlights the best practices insurance industry leaders can adopt in 2023 to improve usability and brand reputation to gain a decisive edge in a competitive industry.

You’ll learn…

  • The current state of digital accessibility maturity in the insurance industry
  • How to make a case for investing in digital accessibility at your organization (beyond checking a legal box)
  • Why investment in digital accessibility is both doable and good for your bottom line as an insurer
  • How to plan a customer experience strategy that improves usability and SEO, too

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