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Spiceworks feature: Ethical design and product development

Embrace ethical, inclusive, and accessible design responsibly to navigate the rapid digital evolution.


March 26, 2024

Ethical dilemmas in design and development are difficult, but not insurmountable. Thinkers Joseph Carter-Brown and Keith Rich’s article in Spiceworks provides practical guidance for teams striving to create positive impact through their work.

In the article, Joseph and Keith expand on the framework they developed through their work on the Impact Outlook Toolkit. This toolkit helps ensure teams have the information and support they need to pursue intentional, ethical, inclusive, and accessible design as they develop digital solutions.

“Innovative technologies and solutions are typically developed by cross-discipline teams within projects that, unsurprisingly, aren’t always seamless or approachable. Understanding how to integrate ethical design into the work isn’t often apparent when you’re in the midst of creation. So, it’s critical to address the ethical implications of the technology at the very beginning.”

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