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Why I Nominated Think Brownstone for “Best Place To Work”

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Allison Hossack Principal, Research & Strategy May 17, 2013

I recently nominated Think Brownstone as one of the best places to work in the Philly Business Journal. I wasn’t prompted by any mass company emails, nor did I feel any pressure or obligation toward management; I did it because I can honestly say it is the best place I’ve ever worked.

I often think back to December 10th, 2012, when Think Brownstone hosted its annual Open House and celebrated its five-year anniversary. Following a touching champagne toast and words of deep gratitude from our founders Carl and Brian, each team member opened an elegantly wrapped and autographed “culture book,” a five year retrospective full of classic memories and funny sketches from our founding to the present day.  It also included photos documenting key milestones, such as the renovations of what is now known as our Think Space and fun occasions like Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

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That little 5’ x 5’, 35 page book brought smiles to all of our faces but it also served as a conscious reminder about why we all come to work every day. The book is, in essence, a reflection of our core values and common beliefs, that: 1) we should be good to each other, 2) we should be excellent, 3) we should look forward to coming to work every day, 4) there is enough work out there for all of us, 5) we should grow, and 6) good design can make the world a better place.

Think Brownstone has a down to earth culture, run by amazing leadership. Yes, we have amazing benefits, a flexible PTO policy, and additional perks like free yoga classes once a week and a biweekly soup day. We also happen to have a beautiful office in Conshohocken that feels like a New York loft, complete with 12’ tall windows and ceilings, reclaimed wood floors, and an open floor plan. But think Brownstone lacks more than just cubicles; at our office there’s a true lack of ego.

Think Brownstone has a genuine, family atmosphere that enables employees to feel at home and empowered to write on the walls, envision solutions, and dream out loud. We enjoy opening our doors and extending this environment to our friends and clients who share our passion for collaboration and great user experience. It’s no accident that along the way we’ve also managed to channel our expertise to design the ultimate employee experience.