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Slack chats: The sixth love language—Think edition

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It’s February 14th, and as the Studio Manager, I’m signing for all the packages. Flowers arrive and are whisked to desks, boxes of donuts and sweet treats are delivered with envy, and thoughtful cards and gifts fill the mailroom. As I make my usual rounds I notice desks adorned with candy hearts and Hershey kisses for passers by. But all the candy, flowers, and heart shaped cards don’t tell the story of a Think Valentine’s day.

Cue the sixth love language that permeates our office. We hope you fellow tech and design lovers enjoy the following Slack conversation we had this morning in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

Are you f12, bc you make my heart beat louder? ❤

Are you a playlist on Spotify? Because you’re a queue-tee

Let’s bookmark this moment forever

Every kilobyte begins with Kay 💍

“Even with 50 open tabs, I’ll always stay focused on you.”

Do I need to adjust my screen? Because you brighten my day! ☀️

“You are the LastPass account of my heart.”

Is this true love? Or just a Figma of my imagination?

“Don’t worry about what other people say, our love is too Abstract for them anyway…”

This card is a symbol of affection we can never override.

I’ll gladly use up my cache for you.

“If you loved me half as much as you detach symbols…”

Lauren Palumbo
“Even if we go our separate branches, I’ll always commit to you”

Shut up and GIF me 😘


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