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Our application process

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We take adding new Thinkers to heart. Think Company has one of the highest retention rates in our industry because of the care we put into showing everyone who works here how much we appreciate them.


Think Company is successful

because we provide a supportive, caring, and fair environment that is rich with culture, challenge, and learning

so we can

attract, develop and retain a uniquely skilled, capable, and committed team

that always

operates in alignment with our core values.

– Taken from a slide created at an internal meeting in 2018, when we revisited our goals and purpose.


Want to Join Our Team?

We have a thorough vetting process to identify high-caliber Thinkers who can join our roster of designers, developers, and project managers.

Check out the benefits and perks Think Company provides

To set you up for success, we’ve outlined our application process and provided some tips for putting your best foot forward and showcasing your abilities. All of our current Thinkers have gone through a process like this. Here’s what you can expect:

Check out our openings and submit all of the following if you’re interested:

  • A cover letter introducing yourself. Good consultants tell compelling stories, so tell us what you’re all about.
  • A resume that outlines your relevant experience.
  • A portfolio that includes a selection of work samples or URLs that showcase some of your best work, whether that’s design, front-end code, or something else. We believe looking at actual work is critical to get a sense for how you think. Your samples should demonstrate your problem solving approach, philosophy, and your involvement in the design and/or development process. Bonus points for work related to complex business systems. Our hiring managers want to know if you “speak our language” and would be able to join a project at Think Company and jump right into our environment. We’ll keep anything that you share with us confidential, but feel free to remove names or other details you’re not comfortable sharing.

Round 1: Recruiter Phone Interview

If your background and work samples inspire us, our recruiting coordinator will set up an initial call to talk about your experience, qualifications, and interest in Think Company. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions about the role and what it’s like to work at Think Company.

Round 2: Hiring Manager Phone Interview

If we agree there’s an opportunity for a fit, we’ll schedule a longer follow-up phone call with your potential hiring manager so you can get to know each other. Please be prepared to discuss a project you are currently involved in or recently completed. You may want to address:

  • Your plan, approach, and the project status
  • What challenges, risks, or issues you faced, and and how you mitigated those
  • What your relationship with your client was like
  • How you handled the project’s scope, budget, and documentation
  • How you fostered communication with your team and client
  • What tools you used
  • What you learned from the experience

Round 3: Think Session

If it makes sense for us to continue our conversation, we’ll schedule a Think Session with your hiring manager and 1-2 other Thinkers within your discipline. The Think Session is a chance for you to dive deeper into a project and allow us to further understand your current skills and abilities . 

  • If you’re a Designer/Researcher/Content Strategist, plan to walk us through a past project that showcases the skills that align with the role you’ve applied for OR design for a fictional prompt (which we can provide) and present your process and solution.
  • If you’re a developer, plan to work through a few code katas with us.
  • If you’re a PM, plan to talk through a recent project you managed. 

We’ll schedule a 90 minute call for your Think Session. You can plan for around 30 minutes of presenting and 60 minutes of Q&A conversations.

When it’s clear your interests and capabilities match our needs—and we meet yours—we’ll welcome you to the Think team. Get ready to envision, design, and create experiences that enhance people’s lives!

We have some great things planned for your first few weeks to get you acquainted with Think Company, including:

  • A thorough on-boarding process
  • Time with your on-boarding buddy
  • Time to meet clients, see how we pitch Think Company, and opportunities to meet your colleagues and learn more about our engagements
  • A series of welcome events to meet our founders and other people who have helped to build Think Company

 *Our hiring needs are cyclical in nature, so some roles will remain posted even if we don’t have an immediate urgent need because we know that one will come through soon. So, in some cases, we might be in more of a pipeline-mode for the role you’ve applied for. In which case, we’ll communicate that up-front and let you decide whether or not you’d like to move forward with the interview process, or pause until we’re ready to send an offer.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Honesty is one of our core values, so if we don’t extend you an offer to join our team, we will be very transparent about why.

We encourage you to stay in touch and periodically check our website and follow us on social media as new opportunities become available. If future positions open up for which you feel you are a better fit—or if your skill set appreciably changes—please apply again!

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