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Case Studies

HRM Application Suite (Responsive Web, iOS & Android) for Global HR Consultancy

The Opportunities

  • Company sought to become the leader in the HRM application space by converting time and resource intensive legacy tasks (many still relying on static and/or paper-based materials) to a suite of world-class, fully-responsive digital applications
  • Customers wanted to be able to pick and choose only those products and services that were applicable to their needs
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The Solution

We created a global standard that allows HR managers to compare data and make decisions in less time and with more confidence than ever before.

Our Approach

  • Designed a suite of responsive web applications and native iOS and Android apps for HR managers to compare total compensation packages for positions around the world, normalize jobs globally according to required skills and aptitudes to ensure 1-to-1 comparisons, create hiring and promotion scenarios for individuals, and manage their ongoing roster of talent
  • Created an action planning app for managers to assess and actively improve their management style and the climate they are creating for their employees
  • App suite was rolled out globally with a design that supports 60+ languages, many with unique character sets and some that read right to left, and considers cultural sensitivity across the globe (iconography, color palette, language, motivational factors by culture, etc.)

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