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Case Studies

Educational Dose Illustrator Application for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

The Opportunities

  • Due to various complexities around the dosing and administration of antipsychotic drugs, healthcare professionals often have to make adjustments to the regimen when treatments are missed or altered in some way
  • Static charts had been created by established medical experts and pharmacokineticists to illustrate blood concentration over time resulting from different dosing scenarios, but many healthcare professionals found it difficult to apply static algorithms to unique real world situations and feel confident in subsequent treatment decisions
screenshot of educational dose illustrator application

The Solution

We created a dynamic data visualization tool that allows healthcare professionals to change the variables for accepted dosing algorithms and model actual treatment scenarios.

Our Approach

  • On behalf of a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, worked with the creators of the static charts to design a highly interactive and configurable educational dosing application
  • Initially classified as a medical device, it was redesigned to comply with FDA regulations as an educational tool
  • The platform has been expanded to accommodate additional indications and products
  • Created localized versions to accommodate different languages and regulatory regions

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