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Case Studies

Digital Hemophilia Ecosystem for a Fortune 250 Pharmaceutical Company

The Opportunities

  • Research on unique segments within the hemophilia ecosystem (parents of newly diagnosed patients, teen patients, people with hemophilia 18-40 and 40+, supporters of adult patients) uncovered, among other things, the need for a modern, interactive digital portal serving the unique needs of each segment
  • Previous efforts to do something similar resulted in a “one-size-fits-all” approach by the company that didn’t provide segmented experiences and was rated unfavorably by users
screenshot of hemophilia system web page

The Solution

We provided patients of a rare, debilitating disease with a personalized, relevant digital support network and self-care resource.

Our Approach

  • Performed extensive research on a unique patient population and their caregivers, using this data along with industry best practices/analogues and business stakeholder goals to craft the vision of an ideal future
  • One component of that future vision was a digital platform for all of the individuals in this exclusive patient ecosystem; one that could provide the most targeted experience possible based on one-click self-segmentation of the user population

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