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The bar has never been higher for digital experiences. Today, people are accustomed to tools that are intuitive, straightforward, and delightful—and they’ve come to expect the same from large companies that provide services they rely on.


If you know you need to modernize—or if you’re in the early stages of a modernization project—this effort can seem daunting. In this guide, we’ll help you get into the right mindset for tackling this work with confidence and direction. You’ll learn the key modernization processes and strategies for successfully launching an application that meets today’s standards.

You'll learn these modernization essentials

  • The benefits of modernization and why it's non-negotiable today
  • The hurdles you may be up against as you begin this process
  • The 3 essential attributes of successful legacy modernization
  • Best practices for building your modernization team and the key roles to plan for

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