About this Workshop

Understanding the service design methodology will provide a new lens into what makes a customer experience operate. Service design is not just for “services”—it can be applied to any type of experience. This approach challenges us to ask questions and seek a deeper understanding of how many aspects of a company contribute to a person’s overall experience.

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of services and the value they bring to organizations
  • Learn the foundational process of implementing a service design approach
  • Create a service blueprint and learn how to use that blueprint as a tool for change

The workshop can be held virtually, is ideal for audiences of 10-20 participants, and can be held over one half day (4 hours) or a full day with a break for lunch. The content is made for anyone in an organization who manages or contributes to the customer’s experience of a product or service.

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About the Presenters

Brittany Murphy
Principal, Research

With experience in leading initiatives across the financial, telecomm, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Brittany helps our clients untangle, navigate, and find data-driven solutions to their uniquely complex problems. As Principal of Research, she also continues to evolve Think Company’s research practice and strengthen the research skills across all of our practitioners and project teams. Brittany is an innovative strategist that approaches each new project as an opportunity to learn and incorporate new ways of thinking and problem solving.

Rachel Robinson
Director, Design

Rachel is passionate about translating research insights into powerful stories and intentional, delightful experiences. She has delivered strategic insight across websites, apps, intranets, and products for clients in higher education, healthcare, finance, and media. As a mentor in our UX department, she specializes in leading creative teams to collectively produce research findings that inform strategic decisions and design solutions.


Check out what participants are saying about the workshop!

"This was a great balance of information and activities that helped reinforce what we were learning. I feel like I retained more than I usually do with other workshops."

"Great hands-on use of tools for blueprinting. The facilitators were excellent."

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