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UX in an enterprise agile world

Hosted on October 1, 2020

A panel of our experts share the tools and techniques for successful UX leadership in enterprise Agile environments.

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About this Webinar

Implementing Agile in large corporations can be messy and complicated. Departmental structures and organizational dynamics are often at odds with the small, autonomous, “two-pizza team” spirit of Agile. Yet many organizations have successfully adopted some form of Agile into their software development practices. Some have well-established product teams and Agile PMOs. And while there is typically some UX presence, it can be challenging to successfully integrate thoughtful, strategic, human-centered design into the mix.


That’s where our panel of experts comes in. In this webinar, you’ll learn some of the tools and techniques for successful UX leadership in enterprise Agile environments.


This is part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About the Speakers

Abby DePrimo

Vice President, Design

The “sleuth” of Think Company, Abby is intrigued by emerging technologies/tools and finding practical applications for them in visual and UX workflow design. Often described as very “Zen,” she used to perform field surveillance on fraud suspects (!), so she’s no stranger to patiently assessing the situation to determine the next move.

Chris Hungate

Senior Design Lead

The “idealist” of Think Company, Chris sees order where there is chaos, opportunity in adversity, and thrives on finding new solutions to old problems. That disposition, coupled with an impressive track record as a strategist and broadly skilled designer, makes him a pleasure to collaborate with and a formidable practitioner.

Ryan Killeen

Senior Software Developer

The “illuminator” of Think Company, Ryan was originally a lighting designer—the principles of color, motion, focus and timing interestingly translating beautifully to design-focused front-end development. He’s a guy who takes great pleasure in following symptoms back to the root cause, empowering others, and continuous learning.

Elina Yudilevich

Vice President, Project Management

The “daredevil” of Think Company, Elina’s extensive project management experience includes a wide variety of project types across multiple verticals for many household names. With a background in business analysis and graphic design, she’s extremely well rounded and known for her direct, driven, and results-oriented approach. Born on a cold winter night in Moscow, she’s been an adventurer and adrenaline junkie from the beginning.

Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching UX in an Enterprise Agile World. Below you’ll find some resources that Ryan, Abby, Chris, and Elina mentioned during the presentation.


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