The Future of Digital is at the Intersection of UX and SEO

Learn how the convergence of UX and SEO can help create better digital experiences at a time when online presence matters more than ever.

Hosted on November 19, 2020 at 3:00 pm EST

About this Webinar

Earlier this year, Google announced a change to its algorithm that takes page experience into consideration when making decisions about a website’s authority. This means that business leaders—including those managing websites and apps, UX designers, and SEO practitioners—must understand the relationship between SEO and UX when creating digital experiences for people who need to find and use their services.

This joint webinar with Think Company and Seer Interactive helps leaders understand how to create better digital experiences at a time when online presence matters more than ever.

This is part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About the Presenters
Sunkwon Bush

Design Lead

Sunkwon tackles a variety of roles at Think Company, including quantitative and qualitative research, information architecture, workflow analysis, data visualization, and rapid-iteration prototyping. His eye for fine detail allows him to make connections between scattered, interdependent issues to understand the depth and breadth of the problems he seeks to solve for his clients. In recent years, Sunkwon has worked extensively on maintaining a measurement strategy for a pharmaceutical company, learning how to make the most of the analytics available to his team to glean insights.

Sharon Lunny

SEO Lead, Seer Interactive

Sharon works with various industries including finance, eCommerce, and SaaS to increase her clients’ organic visibility and grow their business. With a passion for audience research and data-backed insights, Sharon enjoys leveraging qualitative and quantitative results to understand user needs and develop tailored content strategies for the companies she works with.

Denise Baginski

Senior Creative Manager, Seer Interactive

With a love for data-driven design and problem solving, Denise helps bridge the gap between search data and user experience. As a Senior Creative Manager at Seer Interactive, Denise enjoys collaborating with her SEO and Paid Media teammates to create digital assets for clients across a wide variety of industries. Her background in visual and UX design helps her leverage quantitative and qualitative insights to design experiences that answer the questions and pain points her clients’ customers are searching for.

Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching The Future of Digital is at the Intersection of UX and SEO. Below you’ll find some resources that Denise, Sharon, and Sunkwon mentioned during the presentation.


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