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Saving projects from process debt

Hosted on April 9, 2020

Learn about the nature of process debt including shortcomings in things like culture, empathy, collaboration, morale, experience, and requirements.

About the Webinar

Software projects accumulate many kinds of debt. Each debt comes in the form of small qualitative shortcomings we (knowingly or unknowingly) choose to ignore in the name of shipping. They cause friction—and over time they can combine to easily grind momentum to a halt if left unchecked. While these kinds of debt can in fact be useful (if not necessary) to creating software, teams need to understand the nature of their shortcomings to prevent “velocity bankruptcy.”


In this one-hour webinar, we’ll discuss the nature of process debt: hitting on shortcomings in things like culture, empathy, collaboration, morale, experience, and requirements. We’ll discuss examples, tips on identifying the risks in your own projects, and how to decide when to avoid, mitigate, or accept and track these risks.


This is a part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About the Speaker

Brian McElaney

Senior Vice President, Technology

The "sommelier" of Think Company, Mac is a polyglot engineer and solutions architect who loves finding the right technologies to pair with the situation at hand. He has over twenty years of experience developing dynamic web applications across multiple industries and over a decade leading distributed polyglot development teams. He's also a (minor) award-winning pit master, international traveler (17 countries and counting), certified sommelier, and avid surf fisherman.

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Thanks for watching “Saving Projects From Process Debt” with Brian “Mac” McElaney. Below you’ll find some related content and resources Brian mentioned during his presentation.


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