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Putting humanity at the center of design

Hosted on December 10, 2020

A discussion with Michael O'Bryan of Humanature about what it truly means to put humans at the center of design.

About the Webinar

How often do we think about trauma, thriving, and well being in the context of design? How do we practice inclusive design when our very workplaces aren’t inclusive? While we talk about upskilling and reskilling people of color, who’s upskilling and reskilling the people in power to get better at core human skills?

In this discussion with Humanature founder Michael O’Bryan and Design for Cognitive Bias author David Dylan Thomas talk about what it truly means to put humans at the center of design.

This is a part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About our Guest

Michael O’Bryan

Founder of Humanature

Michael O’Bryan is an expert practitioner and budding researcher in the fields of community development, organizational culture, and human well-being. He is the Director of Learning at the Village of Arts and Humanities and an Innovation Fellow at Drexel University’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation. Michael joined the Career Studies faculty at the Curtis Institute of Music in 2019. He is also a lecturer in city planning at the University of Pennsylvania’s Stuart Weitzman School of Design and serves on the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Commission on the Arts.

Michael is the founder of Humanature, a consultancy working with nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies to transform how they understand and support human development, interaction, and performance. Past and current clients include NeighborWorks America, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the Strada Education Network, and the United Negro College Fund. Michael has spoken about his work at such venues as Cornell University, SOCAP, and the Apollo Theater in New York. In his free time, Michael enjoys reading, making music with his friends, and serving on the boards of local philanthropic and non-profit organizations including the Samuel S. Fels Fund, the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, the Union Benevolent Association, and Project440.

Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching Putting Humanity at the Center of Design. Below you’ll find some resources that Michael and Dave mentioned during the presentation.


Resources from the presentations

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