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Managing uncertainty in digital projects

Hosted on July 9, 2020

Learn about the strategies we’ve used to navigate ambiguity and achieve success in digital projects.

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About the Webinar

In Managing Uncertainty in Digital Projects, a panel of our Engagement Management leads have a discussion about strategies we’ve used to navigate ambiguity and achieve success. They discuss common points of uncertainty in projects like knowing when to pivot, finding stakeholder consensus, and staying effective while being distributed. They also share some of our own best practices and examples of challenges that helped mold our perspective on how planningcollaborating, and confident decision making can be the key to finding the right path forward.


This is part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About the Speakers

Elina Yudilevich

Vice President, Project Management

The “daredevil” of Think Company, Elina’s extensive project management experience includes a wide variety of project types across multiple verticals for many household names. With a background in business analysis and graphic design, she’s extremely well rounded and known for her direct, driven, and results-oriented approach. Born on a cold winter night in Moscow, she’s been an adventurer and adrenaline junkie from the beginning.

Jen Couchoud

Vice President, Client Engagement

The “tactician” of Think Company, Jen helps us keep the logistics behind the scenes as elegant and user-friendly as our design work. She’s well versed in the science of program management but knows that when it comes to game-changing experience design projects, it’s just as much an art.

Jessica Victor

Manager, PMO

The “excursionist” of Think Company, Jessica has not only been to over 40 countries on 6 continents but also made her way to the tech field in a roundabout way—first obtaining a master’s degree in counseling psychology and then using those skills to become a uniquely empathetic project manager. She enjoys helping projects go from concept to finished and usable products, and also teaching and helping others transition into tech—she co-created and teaches two digital project management classes and is certified as a Scrum Master (CSM). Jess strongly believes pets should be named after foods, is a huge M.C. Escher fan, and will destroy you in Dr. Mario.

Bruce McMahon

Chief Operations Officer

The “conductor” of Think Company, Bruce sets our operational tempo (he likes it at a lively allegro) and ensures everyone is working in perfect harmony. This requires smart, flexible, and continuously fine-tuned processes for communication, efficiency, collaboration, and quality—Bruce’s specialty.

Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching Managing Uncertainty in Digital Projects. Below you’ll find some resources that Elina, Jen, Jessica, and Bruce mentioned during the presentation.


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Resources from the presentation

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